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Coral Tulle Dress for a Child

This is my first post from Pune. Yes we’ve shifted! Again!!! But Pune is my happy place so apart from the not-at-all enviable task of shifting I’m very happy to be back here. In the time between my last post and now its my little sister who’s turned into a serious blogger and I’m super […]

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DIY Chandelier with Fairy Lights

We moved to our current house in December and though it had light fixtures, the living room was missing a central light source. So I thought – Why not have fairy lights in the living room šŸ™‚ I love fairy lights. I think they are just magical. I’ve always had them in my Craft Room. […]

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craft room | tutorial

Turn Shoe Boxes into Pretty Storage

I have always stored my craft supplies in discarded boxes – shoe boxes, detergent boxes, etc. And I have tried to prettify them in various ways. I’ve in the past tried decoupaging them but pattern paper turns out to be quite expensive and a constant supply of a particular pattern is never assured. I wanted […]

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Knit Baby Hat

The countdown has begun. Next week my sister and my darling niece Meera will leave for the US after a wonderful 2 months in India. How I wish time could stand still! Meera is an absolute delight. I’m going to miss her like crazy. Meanwhile I continue to make things for her, which is an […]

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bag | sewing | tutorial

Fringe Bag Tutorial

I caught a fleeting glimpse of a fringe bag on television sometime back. At that timeĀ I wished I had enough time to take in the details.Ā Soon after, when I saw this lovely brown fringeĀ Ā I couldn’t let go of a chance to come up with my own version. The storeĀ had less than 2 metres of this […]

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