Emerald Dress

November 29, 2018

While learning any skill, there comes a time after all the struggling with books, putting in hours of effort, sometimes almost giving up, that you finally get it. You feel very confident and everything just comes together. It happened to me in this project. Whether it was my brand new Bernina B380 that made everything so much easier I can’t really say. But this project was totally a breeze.

This dress(spaghetti strap party dress) is actually 2 dresses in one. So you would be sewing 2 separate dresses. One is the fitted sweetheart dress which can be worn on it’s own and the other is the organza overdress. I had admired this dress a lot even before I tried to attempt it. Since Burdastyle magazine (yes I still love physical magazines) is not available in India, I got it sent to me sister who at that time used to live in the US and she gave it to me in person.

I seldom buy fabric with a specific project in mind. But for this one, I went fabric shopping with my mother who was visiting. It was a fun afternoon with her. We looked at various colours but agreed that nothing looked as good as this gorgeous emerald green. I don’t have too many green coloured garments. Now I think I should wear more of this colour.

The instructions for the sweetheart neckline were perfect. For sewing the vent I used this tutorial by Professor Pincushion.

Marking an organza was the hardest part. I used thread sacks. It does require a lot of patience – sewing organza and my suggestion would be not to sew if you are tired or hungry. You are bound to make mistakes. pressing organza for the binding is the part where I really struggled. If you know an easy method please do let me know.

I loved the organza belt, loved the width of it.

This is my first attempt at sewing something this fancy. I absolutely adore this dress.  I hope I get to wear it to somewhere nice.


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