Fuschia Empire Line Top

October 15, 2018

For this tunic, I went from “Oh Wow I absolutely love this tunic” , then on a closer look  “Wait, I have a Burda Style Pattern which with some changes can be made into this tunic”,  and after figuring out and making everything I thought “Maybe I should have chosen another fabric.” So I am a bit disappointed with the fabric choice that I made, though I absolutely love the tunic . I usually pay a lot of attention to the fabric I am using but I guess it was a case of falling in love blindly. I was so much in love with the tunic and the fabric I thought they would be a good match. Realised though that they work individually but together they don’t.

This was a great learning experience. One where I figured out that when the fabric is delicate, it is easier to do the gathering stitches by hand and then again attaching the ruffles by hand.


Pattern: Ruffled Tunic

Pattern Notes:

I didn’t buy the pattern for this tunic but I figured that if I added ruffles to this dress pattern that I had bought, it would work.
Instead of the pleats, I just added 1 3/4 “to the lower edge measurement of the band and joined this to the hem edge of the skirt. So the top edge of the skirt has slight gathers.
I gathered the ruffles by hand and basted them to the neckline and sleeves by hand. Much easier to do it this way. I guess with experience, doing it by machine may be easier.
The neckline binding was sewn using the French binding method.

I love this modal silk fabric. It is super soft but would have been more suited for a garment with more drape. The thread pulls even if it comes in contact with a nail edge. So it is very delicate and wrinkles very easily.

The photo shoot on a rainy day in Mumbai was lots of fun. Took these picture in the few seconds we got between spells of rain (you noticed the raincoat, didn’t you – it was not for styling 🙂 )


Photos : Manisha Shrotriya
Make-up : Anusha

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