Sequin Top

August 10, 2018

I am catching up on my previous makes 🙂 This sequin top is what I made for New Year’s Eve. I really don’t sew with occasions in mind but New Year’s Eve does deserve a new dress or a top at least. And sequinned!! I do love sequin fabric.

The fabric is leftover from the sequin skirt I made quite a few years back. The pattern is from this shift dress.  I love it when a pattern I’ve already made turns into something completely new with just a few changes or simply by changing the fabric. The fabric is a bit see through. So it does need either a camisole or a lining. Since I do not like wearing garments with linings attached I went with the camisole. The fabric has drape to it which I love.



Changed the length  – made it hip length.
Shortened the sleeve. I also took out some ease in the sleeve cap. I did this by drawing a short dart – taping it and re-drawing the sleeve.
There are 2 bust darts and it is not very fitted at the waist and hips. I did not want to use zippers.

Construction :

The sewing was actually a breeze. Using the walking foot and needle No. 14, I used both my hands to guide the fabric slowly. Sequins do not scare me anymore.
The sleeves and neckline are bias bound. I also bound the seams since there is no lining attached.

It was ready in time for New Year’s Eve but like the past few years we stayed at home. I did wear this top hoping these sequins would make it a sparkly 2018. Little joys of life.

Photos : Manisha Shrotriya
Make-up : Anusha
















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