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Tulle skirt and a Turtleneck top

October 4, 2017

I made these a few months back. It is somehow the photographs that take time. So though I have made quite a few garments in the past couple of months I have yet to photograph them all.  I finally did it. So lets begin with this turtleneck top and this tulle skirt. One of my sewing resolutions is to make a complete garment set. This is because it usually happens with me that if I make a skirt there is no top in my wardrobe that goes with it which makes all the hard work seem pointless. Add to it the shopping for a top. So once I decided to make a tulle skirt I decided to make turtleneck top to go with it. The colette sewing planner has been a huge help in planning my sewing so far. I am so glad I bought it. Here’s my inspiration page:

The tulle skirt:
I just love how tulle makes you feel like a princess. This one has four layers of tulle – two layers are black and two are grey. I used the half circle skirt pattern that I made here : Royal Blue faux wrap dress . Though the dress was for my sister I could easily use the skirt pattern for me since we are almost the same size and the skirt is attached to a 2 inch elastic waistband so no worries there. The skirt has a black satin lining and was quite a quick sew. Love how it turned out.

The turtleneck top:
Is made from my first jersey block!!! 🙂 Here’s the tutorial that I followed : Jersey Bodice Block and Sleeve block   To the bodice I added a turtleneck following this tutorial : Drafting a turtleneck.  This video by Threads was very helpful in sewing the turtleneck.   iI used the stretch stitch and sewed the sleeves flat (the sleeves are sewed first and then the bodice side seams). This video is great for sewing sleeves flat.
I’m getting more comfortable sewing with jersey. I used size 11 needles for this one since I just could not find ball point needles which everyone recommends.

I think I will have to make some changes to the pattern for a better fit. But for now this one is completely wearable.


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