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Dastkar Nature Bazaar Bangalore 2015

August 19, 2015
On Sunday I made it to the last day of  Dastkar Nature Bazaar. And I’m so glad I did. The last few weeks have been a bit crazy and this exhibition came as a welcome break.

Shopping at such places can be quite daunting – everything looks so beautiful you want to buy everything!! Some of my tips for shopping at exhibitions:
1. It’s best to visit in the mornings. It’s less crowded and stall owners have the patience to answer questions about the product and help you choose.

2.  First just walk around looking at all the stalls and make purchases in the next round. This certainly avoids impulse buying.

3. Make a list of things you might want to buy – eg. If it’s cushion covers note down the size. These are also the best places to buy unique gifts – so make a list of people you may want to purchase gifts for.
4. Carry a huge cloth bag and cash. Some stall owners prefer being paid cash. Also wear comfortable shoes.
5. Carry snacks with you (even if there is a food court.The queues are always really long). You will most likely spend much more time than you planned for.
6. Parking is usually a hassle especially in the evenings. So taking a cab or an auto is the best.
And here are some pictures of Dastkar Nature Bazaar Bangalore 2015
Puppets from the Chitrakari stall from Andhra Pradesh. Read more about these puppets here. Here’s a lovely song (one of my favourite songs) that has similar puppets : Mukunda Mukunda 

Handmade jootis. Sad I can’t wear them. My feet hurt on wearing such shoes.

Woven baskets

Embroidered vests and bags from Gujarat

A mulmul stole from Kutch

More stoles and dupattas  from Kutch. The right most one is made of pure cotton and the other two are Gaji silk fabric. The fabric has a satiny feel. If  I’m not mistaken, the fabric is also called Mushroo

What I bought? I bought 2 dupattas – one in Chanderi and another one in cotton from the store above, appliqued cushion covers, a pair of silver earrings ( baalis), lovely ceramic kitchenware and a few gifts for dear ones. We had a great time. If you’ve missed this you can subscribe to Dastkar’s FB page and get updates next time.

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