Lining a Knit Baby Blanket

November 20, 2014

My mother loves the colour mustard . It works very well with grey. And that’s what inspired this baby blanket. Its a simple rectangular blanket in garter stitch knit with 4.5 mm needles which gives it an open texture. The border is crocheted in a shell stitch pattern. It measures around 30 x 36 inches.

The yarn is Glamour by Supreme from The Happy Hands Store

The blanket is lined with a very pretty strawberry printed cotton fabric. This was my first attempt at lining a blanket. My mother and I worked on it together and once it was done I couldn’t believe how amazing it looked.

So here are my notes on how I went about lining the blanket:

I started with 2 adjacent sides of the blanket. To do this I cut the lining fabric into a larger rectangle than the blanket itself. Laying the lining fabric wrong side up on the floor I marked 1inch lines from 2 adjacent edges. I used 1 inch as the seam allowance. So the  marked lines became the fold lines along which the blanket would be attached.

Placing the blanket wrong side down I matched the fold lines with the edge of the blanket and started pinning. The crocheted border is not lined.

The picture below shows the blue line which is the fold line. I used a pen with disappearing ink. You just spray water on it and the ink disappers.

The picture below shows the 2 edges pinned.

Once this was done I was left with fabric on the top.

Again marking a line 1inch away from the top edge I cut out the excess fabric. Folding the seam allowance inwards I pinned this edge too. Working in the same way the fourth side was also pinned.
I added additional pins to the inner rectangle as well.

 My mother sewed up all the pinned edges using  basting stitches. These were later finished using whip stitches all around. She also added some more diagonal stitches from the corners of the outer rectangle to the inner one. You could even do parallel lines of stitches.

When it was all done all of us spent a good amount of time ooh-aahing. Once everyone got back to their respective activities I spent some more time wrapping it around myself, twirling it, folding it, opening it all over again to admire it and generally wasting copious amounts of time( totally optional)

The next day it was lovingly wrapped and gifted to my cousin’s cute little baby. 

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  1. I was just thinking today that it's been a while since I last spoke to you. I hadn't seen you on rav much so thought I'd check out the blog, and look….there you are:)

  2. Hi Trisha,
    Since the whole blanket is just garter stitch I didn't write down the pattern. The grey border is 5 inches on all sides and though here it was attached later , you could knit it while knitting the main body. I hope this helps.

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