Fleece shoes for cold feet

September 4, 2014

Its a constant battle with cold floors every rainy and winter season here in Bangalore. This year I decided to make myself a pair of fleece shoes to treat my feet to something really warm and comfortable. Initially I had wanted to make fleece boots but given that I’ve been so busy with other projects I just decided to look for a pattern/tutorial. I found this lovely tutorial in Russian. Once translated its really simple to follow. The only change I made was adding an interlining. This is usually used in coats. It  gives my shoes a bit of loft.
Here are the 6 pieces cut out from the pattern

And here’s the lining all sewed up. I’ve sewn the interling to the fleece using an edge stitch so that it doesn’t shift while sewing.

Sewing the pieces together around the curve near the toes was a bit difficult due to the three layers. So I resorted to a bit of hand sewing there.

I’m quite thrilled with my first fleece project. I hope to make those fleece boots soon 🙂



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