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Meera’s Maile Sweater

March 29, 2014


Pattern : Maile Sweater

Needles : 2.75mm (I think. Have forgotten since its been a while since I made this)

Made for : My niece Meera



This was made for Meera to be gifted when she was born (last June). It fits her now- when she is a 9 month old. Hmmm…maybe Indian kids are tinier. My sister had found out that she was going to have a baby girl and had specifically told me to make the cardigan in any colour other than pink.So I chose this green from my stash. The yarn is called Shine Sport by Knitpicks.


The pattern is called Maile. Maile is a fragnant vine endemic to Hawaii. The pattern is beautifully written and turned out great. The buttons are not my most favourite though. I finished the sweater the day before my parents were to leave to visit my sister. When it came to attaching the buttons I realised that the buttons I had were not of the size I was looking for. I had to make do with the buttons I found at the corner shop.

She’s wearing this during her recent visit to Bangalore. She looked so pretty that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her. The polka dotted dress is the one I made and blogged about previously : Polka dotted dress

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