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Bag Making Accessories At My Store

March 15, 2014

Its been quite a wait for me but now I can finally let the secret out. The new product line at the store is bag making accessories. The range includes zippers,bag handles,sliders,locks,magnets and metal hardware. I look at these products and I feel super happy that certain things that I struggled to find during my bag making projects I could now make them available online.

As someone who  loves things that can be put to multiple uses I am happy that many of these products are not restricted to bag making . You could use the zippers to make zipper flowers. I love them as embellishments.


In fact, you do not even need to know to sew to use some of these. For instance, you could revamp a dull looking bag or a leather/denim jacket or belts by attaching some rivets or spikes studs to them.

You could even make you own headband like the one Sonakshi Sinha wore at the Zee Cine Awards. Just attach spike studs to an existing hairband and there you have it- your very own spiked headband – no sewing required.

Spike Studs
Twist Lock
Bag Magnet



The pictures here are just few from the whole range. For much much more see the complete product range here : Bag Making Accessories I do hope the crafting community makes good use of what’s on offer at the store.

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  1. Yay!!! Finally a place where I can zips n bag magnets in blr, without having to drag myself half way around the city searching for these! Do you have open ended zips as well (the ones you use for jackets)? Last time I went to Raja market to get those but the store had ran out of stock.

  2. :)) Glad you liked the store and it will hopefully be of some use to you. Unfortunately, we do not have open ended zips since we have focussed on bag making accesories.

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