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My Very Own Online Store

December 9, 2013
I’ve dreamt, worked hard and here it is.My very own online store: The Happy Hands Store.


It is really difficult to describe how excited I am.I shared this news with my friends and family and they were all so happy for me and encouraging that it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. With all my dear ones around me I just feel a lot more powerful and confident of giving better than my best.
The story of goes back a good 4 years, when after quitting my IT job in Mumbai and moving to Bangalore with my husband, I started learning to knit from the internet. Over time I also started sewing. I fell in love with the world of colours,textures, patterns and fibres and loved the magic one could create with one’s own hands. I also started blogging about my work here.




All along, the one thing I noticed is that the range of craft supplies that one gets to work with in India is quite limited as compared to ones that are available abroad. Ironically, most of the supplies being manufactured in India were for export only. I had great difficulty in sourcing the yarn, needles and accessories that I wanted to work with and would either get my relatives to buy it abroad and send them across or pick some while on international travel. I also sensed that many of my fellow crafters were facing similar problems.
Somewhere along I started dreaming of having my own store for craft supplies that would make it easy for Indian crafters to access the supplies that they wanted to work with. And the dream gradually took shape. The last few months have entailed a lot of hard work including discussions with International and Indian suppliers (the latter entailed physically traveling to Delhi and Ludhiana), banks, customs agents, courier companies, website developers and designers, packaging material suppliers, etc.- finally resulting in the birth of! 
The pride and excitement is yet to die down. The feedback on the store has been very positive but I realise that this is only the beginning and there is a long way to go to make it a success.
The store is also on Facebook ( where regular updates on the store and other knitting / crochet / craft information will be available.
I am also delighted that a fresh beginning with my 101st blog post is also about my all new venture which hopefully is a sign of great things to come. 
And this blog will of course continue as it is:) 


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