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Palazzo Pants: The Story of the Wearable Muslin

July 7, 2013
A few months ago I indulged in some frenzied buying of viscose since I fell in love with the drape. I bought some lovely prints. 

I’ve always loved palazzo pants. Only I had never owned any. These pants are feminine, floaty and fun. They can be dressed up or dressed down and are supremely comfortable to boot. It also seems to be quite in vogue. The leopard print fabric was calling out to be made into palazzo pants.I decided to listen to it 🙂 I put my pant design on paper along with a top to go with it. Here is what I came up with:

 Next step: The muslin. Though making a muslin is time consuming I think it is an extremely important step which ideally should not be omitted.

What is a muslin? A muslin/toile is a mock-up of the garment. It is usually made from inexpensive muslin fabric and hence the name. But any cheap fabric can be used.. This is the stage where the fit is checked and adjustments if needed are made. These adjustments are then incorporated into the pattern. Sometimes more than one muslin might be needed to arrive at the perfect fit.

What is a wearable muslin? As the name suggests this is still a mock-up , but made with fabric that can be worn. In a wearable muslin you would attach zippers/closures and finish the muslin just like the final garment.

The palazzo pattern is made from my A-line skirt and since the skirt fits me well I was pretty confident the muslin would not require too many alterations. I therefore decided to make a wearable muslin with some plain cotton fabric that I had in my stash hoping that if all went well I would have a pair for lounging at home.
The pants turned out well. Did not need any alterations.

Buoyed by the success of the pants I thought why not make a wearable muslin for the top too. I have to confess that this idea does not work all the time as I learnt the hard way. For the muslin of the top I chose some pretty pink printed fabric which was a bit slippery. Moreover there was the matter of attaching piping, a mandarin collar and petal sleeves-  all this that I was trying for the first time. The result was anything but successful.The muslin for the top was finally made with muslin (fabric).

Moral of the story : Make a wearable muslin when you are feeling confident about the fit and are not trying anything new/complicated.

Will see you in the next post with the actual ensemble.

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  1. hey can u tell me where do u buy your fabric in bangalore. I am kind of new here so would love to know. Looking for a good model sewing machine as well with good number of auto stitch functions and which would let me work on jeans, sew dresses, bags etc. Any suggestions?

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