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4KCBWDay5 The Emerging Vocabulary of a Crafter’s Husband

May 10, 2013

Day 5 was to blog in a differnet way than you normally do. I casually asked my husband if he would like to be a guest blogger here. And he readily agreed. I have never done a guest post before and am so happy to have my best friend and husband Ganesh as a guest blogger.So here is him talking about being a crafter’s husband

The Emerging Vocabulary of a Crafter’s Husband

You grow up reading. Textbooks, newspapers, magazines, novels, blogs, tweets, reports, documents, maps, emails, text messages, brochures, the works. And you hit a point in life where you think you know it all, words, terms, phrases, synonyms, acronyms, idioms, the works again. You think you are wordly wise; life seems to be under control, predictable even.

And then one fine day a craftaholic waltzes into your life and it all gets a bit a shaky. You thought you knew it all; you realize you did not. The rough encounters begin, some strange terms start wafting in. Merino, Angora. Mohair. Alpaca. You freeze. And then ponder. Certainly not types of pasta, those you know. Places in South of Spain, maybe? Surely not, those you researched the last time you planned a holiday. Tribe names of native American Red Indians? Umm, possible; you were never strong in American history. But turns out these are types of yarn! Those innocuous colourful soft and squishy little balls that magically turn themselves into some really stylish and warm pieces of winter wear. And turns out there is also cotton and acrylic yarn! So much for thinking all balls of wool were the same!
There is of course more to come. And these are not even proper nouns, just basic every day terms that you thought meant something else. The last time you checked, needles were as straight as err… needles. But seems there are circular needles! And who would have thought that a ‘row counter’ is not just another name for an usher, but a device used during knitting to keep track of number of stitches? Just when you think a ‘ball winder’ is a labourer in a factory that makes cricket balls, you are shown an inanimate contraption used to reshape huge chunks of yarn into more manageable smaller balls.
When you hear the term‘worsted’, the old school grammar boy in you is aghast. An adjective is quite simply not a verb and cannot, repeat, cannot have a past complete form. But you of course panicked for no reason; it is just a type of fabric texture.
You take delight in that cracker of a goal that comes off Messi’s left foot, but would you have known that there is a zipper foot, a gathering foot and an embroidery foot? All accessories of a sewing machine to create different types of stitches, you are told. In cricket, you hold the ball by the seam and send down a ripper with all your might, but you never knew that a ‘seam ripper’ could turn out to be a sewing tool to just undo stitches! You know a straight line but you are of course totally ignorant of ‘A’ line, pencil line and princess line, shapes of skirts as it were. An ‘invisible zipper’ sounds like something out of J.K. Rowling’s dramatically imaginative world of Hogwarts, but alas, it is anything but invisible; just a zipper that is structured such that it won’t show when sewn on. And no, a bobbin is not a cross between a giraffe and a seal with three legs, six fins and two snouts; it is a case that holds and releases thread on a sewing machine. Or some such.
And thus life unfolds. You learn a new word every day, a new phrase every week. But alongside you also see a fascinating world emerge. Of colours and patterns, of fabrics and materials, of scissors and needles, of measuring tapes and rulers. But more important, a world of passion and imagination, of hard work and determination. A world of creating the most beautiful things from absolute nothings. And at some point, you just become a part of that fascinating world, even if just as a humble assistant. 

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  1. Bravo Ganesh! Extremely well-written piece, full of wit and humour!
    I must compliment you on your vocabulary, it's growing well. 🙂 Keep it up and someday we may hear you talk about, a sport weight bamboo that would look lovely if made into a top-down pull-over!!
    Suma, must compliment you too for this lovely idea!

  2. A very observant assistant – and one who takes pride in watching you create your masterpieces, Suma!! Loved reading this.

  3. Oh my. This was hilarious. I stumbled on your store while trying to come up with a yarn color for baby booties. I've seen that bemused look on my own husband's face as he ponders what on earth a double pointed needle is. Enjoyed your store and blog very much!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment Anne 🙂 I read this post again and it brought back fond memories.From then to helping me set up my store his knitting vocabulary has really grown 🙂

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