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T-shirt to cardigan: A simple low sew/no sew project

April 24, 2013

I’m loving the glitter ribbons that are available in so many colours these days. I made some headbands out of them which turned out very pretty. I then decided to go ahead and use them to turn my long sleeved T-shirt into a cropped cardigan for days when a sweater feels terribly warm and all you need is just another layer to pull on. I’ve noted down the steps in case someone wants to make something similar.

1. Fold only the front of your T-shirt into half by matching shoulder seams and side seams. Now cut along this fold. You already have it shaped like a cardigan at this stage

2. Mark half an inch away from the edge you just cut and along the neckline. I did not cut away the ribbing at the neckline.

3. Measure down and mark the width of the tape from the neckline curve mark you made in the earlier step. We will start attaching the ribbon starting at this mark in the next step.

4. Place tiny dots of fabric glue close to the half inch line you’ve marked. This is to hold the tape in place before we sew it down. Hold the tape down for a few seconds to help it adhere. Its easier if you work a few inches at a time. If you do not intend sewing use enough glue to stick the tape in place. Work till the hemline and cut off excess ribbon.

5. Do the same for the neckline curve. I’ve done this separately since the ribbon does not curve easily.

6. Now its time to decide the length of your cardigan. My T-shirt was a bit thick and did not have good drape. I thought a slightly shorter length would look better and hence folded the hem up to the desired length and hand hemmed the fold. Fold up the sleeves to the desired length. You’re done if you choose not to do the next step.

6. This step is completely optional. I did this to cover the tiny gap where the straight edge meets the neckline curve. I added snaps buttons.

7. You are done! Enjoy your new cardigan.

When I began sewing I was terribly afraid to cut into fabric. T-shirt refashions are great for newbies to try out cutting and sewing without spending on fabric.

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  1. beauty with brains … 🙂 so creative !! stumbled upon via indiblogger . very nice blog !! love the transformation post !!

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