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Princess Line Dress

March 27, 2013

This dress is a dream come true. When I was in college I had a princess line dress which I absolutely loved. It was well made in a lovely rust red printed fabric with a belt in self fabric. In memory of my favourite dress I drafted this one. The princess seams lend elegance so I decided to keep it really simple. The dress has an invisible zipper on the left. At the hem, instead of a double fold I overlocked the edge, folded it once and used the catch stitch to hem it.

This video by Colleen G Lea helped me a lot in sewing the princess seams : Sewing a princess seamLove all of Colleen’s videos.

Once the princess seams turned out well I went ahead and overlocked all the seams with the overlock foot. It takes longer than the overlock machine but I’m glad I did it.
My steam iron is, well…out of steam. I had to make do with dry ironing which isn’t the best thing when the fabric is a bit difficult to iron. Buying a good steam iron is on the top of my to do list now.

What I like about this dress is that its very versatile. Looks good belted or without and also goes very well with my beautiful blue necklace. 

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  1. Lovely pics & gorgeous dress. Pls do show a closeup of ur neck-lace or lace necklace 🙂 It is lovely.

  2. That's a beautiful dress! Sooo chic. Can be teamed up with a blazer n voila! you've got a formal wear ready:-).

  3. So happy that a tween loves it 🙂 Since I've drafted and made this myself I really haven't looked for such dresses in stores. Maybe you could try Zara or Mango. You could even get a local tailor to make a similar one. You will have to tell your tailor that this princess style line starts at the armhole. Hope this helps.

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