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Towards Better Photography

November 17, 2011
A quick post on the light box I made a few months ago before all the New Zealand stories.

It never ceases to amaze me how much I have gained from blogging. Take photography for instance. While I have always admired good photographs I never really gave a thought to what makes for a good one. Thanks to blogging, I now make an effort to take good pictures and am trying to learn the nuances. I do not own a fancy camera and do not intend buying one anytime soon. I take pictures in daylight since natural light is what works best. However, for smaller objects I felt I should make a light box ever since I saw this tutorial.  It is a cardboard box with windows cut on three sides and taped with white tissue/tracing paper and then using one/many light sources to swathe the object with light.

Here are some WIP pictures:
The box with 3 sides cut off:

The light box with the windows taped with tracing paper.

My model is sitting pretty – ready to be clicked.

There is no light source on the top since I didn’t have any and the light is brighter on the left than on the right. I need to get proper CFL bulbs soon. For now, I’m extremely happy with the light box and the pictures. The last picture of the ‘what’s for lunch’ bag and pictures of my satin clutch and the reversible bag  were taken in my studio in a box. It is such an inexpensive fantastic method for better pictures. And like the strobist says ” You are limited only by the size of the box you have”.
This project is special since I made this with my father. It felt like my childhood days when  my father used to help my sister and me in our craft projects. He always had tips about how to work efficiently for a neater project. Such fond memories of childhood and invaluable learnings!

Special thanks to my cutter set. It made cutting through the cardboard so easy. This photo too is courtesy the light box.

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  1. I am confused, Suma. What is the box on the left side? Is that your source of light? What is the advantage of having a three-sides-open box?

  2. @affinity – Yes, the box on the left is my rectangular lamp. And the box is not open. The cut windows are covered with tracing paper. I have added another WIP image showing the same.

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