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Hat Trick

April 21, 2011
Pattern : Jacques Costeau Hat

Helpful Videos : How to end a hat

My favourite hat pattern for men and I have never mentioned it here before. Just means one thing, my projects exceed my speed of posting. No, I’m just joking. Have been busy being lazy of late.

 For someone who gets bored making the same pattern twice I’ve made three hats using this pattern. That says so much about this pattern and how much I love it. Its extremely simple and looks great on men. Oh yes, on women too!

I’ll never tire of making these. I do wear Ganesh’s hat sometimes. I love it so much. I made the first one for him on his birthday last year. Used Wool of the Andes yarn from Knitpicks. Cast on 100 stitches with 4.5mm needles. My first knitted gift for him which he uses all the time.

It has expanded with use though.  I didn’t realise this until recently. Should say it held its shape for quite sometime. Should cast on lesser number of stitches next time.

I made the second one for my brother-in-law Navin. I used the same yarn. 3 skeins of Wool of the Andes were just right for 2 hats. I have just a few yards left. Navin loved it too. Here is Jacques Costeau No. 2

I made the third one recently for my father. Bought pure wool from Mumbai. Pure wool is not available in Bangalore. Its ironical. The yarn is Wendy Aristocrat and is DK weight. The same yarn that I used for my Wurm. Lovely colour and nice yarn. Used 3.25 mm needles this time and cast on 100 stitches. It turned out perfect. Hope it holds it shape with use.

For the decrease I followed mods suggested by Ravelry member Dabhand. For 100 stitches [number of stitches must be divisible by 5 (for the 3×2 ribbing) and by 4 (for the decreases)] the decreases are as follows
Dec round 1: K21 in pat, dec, pm; k23 in pat, dec, pm; k23 in pat, dec, pm; k23 in pat, dec, pm; p2.

decrease method: sl1, k1, psso
Thanks to designer Lalla Pohjanpalo for this fantastic pattern!

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